Many of the common questions that we are asked, along with their answers, are provided here.

I need a new printer. What should I look for in order to save the most money?

Don’t look for the least expensive printer. Focus on the cost of supplies. Typically, you will spend many times the cost of the machine on the supplies that you will need to run it. We can help you to make your purchase decision by showing you how the machines you are considering compare in their supply costs.

Are some printers and copiers less expensive to use than others?

Yes. There is a wide variation in the cost per page for printing and copying. Some ink or toner cartridges offer much better value than others. If you are interested in understanding the cost effectiveness of your machines or are looking to buy a new machine, we can help by showing you the differences in the supply costs.

Are new ink cartridges filled completely?

Often, the answer is no. However, when we fill your cartridges, we always fill them to maximum capacity.

My printer manufacturer told me that my warranty will be void if I do not use their brand-name cartridges. Can they do that?

Absolutely not. Consumers are sometimes told by OEM support and sales personnel that the use of remanufactured or compatible supplies may “void your warranty” or “violate the terms of a service contract”. THIS IS NOT TRUE, AND IT MAY BE A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL TRADE LAWS IF ENFORCED BY THE MANUFACTURER. According to Federal Law 93-637, January 4, 1975, Section 102, Part C (Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Acts), and Title 15 US Chapter 50, Section 2302, it is ILLEGAL for an equipment manufacturer to void a warranty due to the usage of a remanufactured or compatible imaging supply

My printer came with a trial cartridge. What is that?

Many printers come with trial, or starter, cartridges. These are cartridges that have very little ink or toner in them. You can expect to have to replace them very quickly. In the past few years, some equipment manufacturers have begun to sell these cartridges in stores. Avoid them. They carry a lower price tag per cartridge, but you will end up spending much more money overall on your ink supplies.

Why are ink cartridges so expensive?

We know it’s a lousy answer, but it’s “because they are”. Ink is the most expensive liquid that most of us buy – making gasoline seem cheap. The ink in your cartridges typically costs at least $2500 per gallon and can exceed $10,000 per gallon in some cartridges.

What is the difference between a remanufactured toner cartridge and a refilled one?

To properly remanufacture a toner cartridge, it needs to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Worn components need to be replaced. Then the cartridges are reassembled, filled with the correct toner, and tested. All of our remanufactured toners have new drums

I bought some refilled ink cartridges on the Internet and they didn’t work. What makes yours different?

That’s not uncommon. There are some very good products available on the Internet and also a lot of junk. The attention to detail in our processes and the extent of our testing help ensure that our ink refills are of the highest quality.

Do you test ink cartridges after you fill them?

Every ink cartridge goes through a comprehensive print test prior to delivery to you. We test by printing from a computer. We do not use the quick print test that can be run directly from many printers, as this does not thoroughly test your cartridge and ensure that it will print properly.

I didn’t use my inkjet printer for 6 months, and then it printed blank pages. What’s wrong?

It’s very possible that the ink has dried up either in the cartridges and/or in the printer. Your printer may have a cleaning cycle that you should run (perhaps several times). In printers that use cartridges with integrated print heads (most HP, Lexmark, Dell, and some older Canon), then the cartridge may have dried up. Try cleaning the print head by pressing a damp paper towel to it for a few seconds. Let it dry and then try printing again. If that doesn’t work, you will likely have to replace your cartridge. For Epson, Brother, and most Canon printers that use ink tanks, it may be that the cartridges alone have dried out, but it is also very possible that ink has dried up in the print heads. You can try running the cleaning cycle one or more times. If that doesn’t work, you may have to replace the print heads, which can be costly or not economically practical.

My printer isn’t working. Does it make sense to have it fixed?

It depends. As prices of machines have come down, you will need to assess the value in spending money to fix them versus just buying new. Plan on $80-$120 per hour for labor plus parts. Don’t necessarily go by what you originally paid for your machine, as replacing it today will likely cost much less. But many printers and copiers are clearly worth fixing.

What is a drum?

Drums are what actually lays toner on the paper. Some toner cartridges have integrated drum units, including those used in most HP and Lexmark printers. When you replace the toner in these machines, you are also replacing the drum.

I bought a refill kit once to fill my cartridges and they didn’t work. Why should I try yours?

We’re really good at it. We fill hundreds of cartridges every month. And if you’re not satisfied in any way, you can return your purchase for refund or replacement – your choice, not ours.

Do you sell Dell cartridges?

You can only purchase new Dell cartridges from Dell. We do refill all of the Dell inkjet cartridges and we carry some remanufactured Dell inkjet and toner cartridges.

If I only print in black, do I need to have color cartridges in my inkjet printer?

It depends. Some printers will work with only a black cartridge; others will not. In general, we have found that HP, Lexmark, and Dell inkjet printers will work with one cartridge, while Epson, Brother, and Canon printers require all cartridges to be present. Also, Epson and Brother printers usually will stop printing if any one of the cartridges is empty.

Can I turn off the color if I want to print only in black?

With most printers, you can. Go to File/Print and click on the Preferences button. Then look for an item that says “grayscale”, “black only”, or something similar.


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